Arboretum and Landscape Committee

The Arboretum and Landscape Committee seeks to promote and improve the University's Grounds and gardens to enrich the learning and social experience for the academic community and visitors. Composed of faculty, students, and staff, the committee meets throughout the year reviewing all landscape and master plan proposals and advising the Office of the Architect and Facilities Management. Through allocations from the Seward Forest Fund, the committee sponsors a range of landscape improvement projects and design studies. Responsibilities also include visiting and reviewing projects at UVA's Blandy Experimental Farm research station in Boyce and nominating to the Office of the President an individual from the University community to receive the Founder's Day tree in commemoration of that person's contributions to the Grounds of the University.

We invite you to contact any member serving on the committee with any input, questions, and concerns related to landscape issues around the Grounds.