About the Committee

When the Arboretum and Landscape Committee was created in 1949 by President Colgate W. Darden, its purpose was to advise on planting and removing trees on the Central Grounds. Since then the activities and role of the Committee have expanded to include reviewing capital project site and landscape concept plans as well as precinct and corridor plans. Reporting to the Office of Senior Vice President for Operations, the Committee is made up of faculty, staff, and student members representing the various areas of Grounds, including Central, West, North, and the Health System. Members serve on two-year appointments, eligible for three terms.

Official Committee Charge

The Arboretum and Landscape Committee is charged by the Office of the Senior Vice President for Operations with exercising broad general oversight of the University’s landscape and site planning. The Committee shall advise the Senior Vice President for Operations, through the Architect for the University, concerning all matters related to landscape and site planning. The Committee will review and make recommendations for all significant new landscape and site concept designs, including those associated with capital projects, as well as any proposed alterations to areas within the University Grounds. The Committee will also review precinct and corridor plans proposed for Grounds and review any elective removals of healthy trees. The Committee shall support Blandy Farm and consult with its resident Director regarding matters related to the State Arboretum as may be appropriate. The Committee will administer the Lewis and Seward Funds to decide on the judicious application of its resources. The Committee will also forward a nomination to the Office of the President each spring for the recipient of the Founders Day tree planted annually.

Current Committee Roster

Appointments to the committee represent a broad cross section of the schools and departments within the University. Members serve on two-year appointments, attending monthly meetings throughout the calendar year. Please feel free to contact any committee member with your input, questions and concerns regarding the University grounds and landscape.


Bryan Lewis, Chair
McIntire School of Commerce

Anna Towns
College of Arts and Sciences

Randy Speight
School of Medicine

Chloe Hawkins
School of Architecture

Eric Nagy
Department of Biology

David Vander Meulen
Department of English

Diddy Morris 
School of Law

Kasey Jernigan 
Department of Anthropology

Sally Lebeau 
Director of Volunteer Services Health System

Richard Minturn 
Office of the Provost

Cate Liverman,
Medical Alumni Association


Charlotte Devine
Graduate student in Landscape Architecture

Jena Lahhan
Undergraduate student in Architecture


Erica Perkins
Recreational Department

Brian Hogg
Office of the Architect

Rich Hopkins
Facilities Management

Rachel Lloyd
Office of the Architect

J. James Murray
College of Arts and Sciences

Chris Faught
Housing and Residence Life

Helen Wilson
Office of the Architect


Mark Webb
Facilities Management