Seward Fund


The Seward Forest Fund was established in 1978 through the sale of forestlands willed to the University by Dr. Walter Seward in 1932. Over the years, this endowment has grown and has funded numerous plantings and Grounds improvement projects. In 1978, the Arboretum Committee honored Dr. Seward by transplanting a grouping of pine trees from the Seward Forest on the south side of Brooks Hall.

The Arboretum and Landscape Committee oversees allocations from this fund for small and large planting and landscape construction projects. In recent years, the committee has directed funds to carry out design studies for needed landscape improvements and to financially support their implementation. In 2004-06, the Seward Endowment contributed to the Meadow Creek/Dell restoration project, Brown College landscape improvements, University Avenue crosswalks at the Corner, Clark Park, and the Washington and Jefferson statue courtyards on the Lawn.

Recently, the Committee funded a conceptual study for landscape improvements to Engineer's Way and Madison Bowl. Currently, concept plans for the embankments at the Dell and Newcomb Road are underway.