Consultant Information

The Office of the Architect for the University (OAU) is responsible for land use planning, facilities planning and design, landscape planning and design, and historic preservation planning for all University properties.
The OAU oversees planning efforts that inform land use, project feasibility, and capital project formulation. From these early planning stages through project conception, the OAU works with campus constituents and/or project stakeholders to develop space programs, identify sites, and create project design guidelines. This planning continuum helps to ensure that projects meet stakeholder needs, make the best use of University resources, and support the University goals of providing sustainable, functional facilities that fit within the unique context of the UVa. Grounds. The University’s sustainability policy requires that all major new and renovation projects achieve a minimum of a LEED Certified rating upon completion.

The OAU is also responsible for the University’s two-step architect selection process.

Solicitations for architects, engineers, and landscape architects are posted with the Virginia Electronic Procurement System (eVA) ( Firms registered with eVA receive email notifications whenever the University, or any other state agency, advertises for professional services related to a capital project.

Advertisements can also be found on the Professional Services web page for the Office of Contract Administration at the University’s Office of Facilities Planning and Construction ( ). Staff in the Contract Administration Office is available to provide guidance on contracting procedures.

As part of the University’s Sustainability Initiative the Office of the Architect for the University discourages hard-copy submittals of firm brochures and no longer keeps them on file.