Memorial Benches

The University welcomes commemorative benches that honor past members of the academic community. There are many possibilities for new bench locations throughout the University grounds; however, bench locations will be required to conform to the University Master Plan and current precinct plans. Commemorative plaques attached to benches are permissible, but must meet design standards for material, size, placement and content.

Working closely with the donor, the Office of the Architect develops a proposal for a location and then seeks approval from the University's Arboretum and Landscape Committee. If a plaque is desired, the donor must work with the Office of Major Events (434-924-3099) to determine content. The plaque's content is reviewed by the donor, the Office of Major Events and the Office of the Architect.

Design Standards
University benches shall be teak, 6' Kingsley-Bate "Hyde Park" or equal. Plaques shall be brass, 2"x 6" and attached to the center of the top rail. Benches shall be anchored onto a brick pad, or onto existing paved surfaces where appropriate.

The typical total cost of a memorial bench is $7,500. This includes the price of the bench, the brick pad beneath the bench, plaque and installation. Often, benches can be located on existing paving, whereby reducing the total cost.