Space Planning/Real Estate

The Office of the Architect for the University (OAU), in conjunction with the Provost’s Office, Facilities Management and the Senior Vice President for Operations, is responsible for the development and implementation of the University’s capital planning program, which includes new construction and renovation projects in excess of $2.0 million and all building or property acquisitions. This planning continuum helps to ensure that projects meet stakeholder needs, make the best use of University resources, and support the University goals of providing sustainable and functional facilities that fit within the unique context of the University.

OAU includes Real Estate and Leasing Services who oversees the University’s extensive portfolio of land and buildings. UVA owns more than 18 million gross square feet of space in 554 buildings and 1,708 acres of land. Additionally, Real Estate and Leasing Services administers more than 100 leases, encompassing 3 million square feet of rental space with annual rents in excess of $10,000,000 and works extensively with the University of Virginia Foundation to implement the institutional real estate and leasing program.

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