University Signage Standards

The Office for the Architect maintains oversight of all University signage. This office sets standards for University exterior signage, reviews interior signage systems for new buildings or renovations, approves locations for exterior signs and provides design guidance for miscellaneous signage projects. In order for the University's grounds to appear as a cohesive entity, it is important that exterior signage be consistent in color, layout, font and logo. Signage also must be legible and organized to successfully guide both pedestrians and vehicles to their destinations. In 2000, the Office for the Architect retained the services of Corbin Design to establish design standards for the University's exterior signage. The result, the Exterior Signage Standards Manual, contains standards for the following sign types:

  • Street signs identify University streets and avenues.
  • Parking Regulation signs identify reserved parking and associated permits or description.
  • Vehicular Directional signs provide direction to specific districts of the University or to public facilities such as auditoriums, sport arenas or libraries.

Signage not included in the Exterior Signage Standards Manual: 

  • Entrance gates or walls are used occasionally to define and identify a precinct, center or school, such as the Miller Center, the School of Law, Fontaine Research Park and the Darden School. Such structures must relate to adjacent buildings and be designed as part of the overall landscape plan. The Office of the Architect reviews and approves this type of signage. The Arboretum and Landscape Committee must also approve entrance gates and walls.
  • Interior building signage should be professionally designed as part of the interior design of a new or renovated building. The Office of the Architect shall approve material, layout and font.
  • Miscellaneous signage, such as metal attached lettering over a building's entrance, should be determined on a case-by-case basis with the Office of the Architect.
  • Banners generally are not permitted.