Memorial Bench Donations

Bench Type
The 6' Kingsley-Bate "Hyde Park" (or equal) is specified for use throughout the University grounds.

Site Selection
There are many possibilities for new bench locations throughout the grounds.  Typically the Office of the Architect develops a proposal for a location by working closely with the donor.  The location must conform to long-range planning for the area.

The President's Office oversees the selection of text for all University plaques.  The Office of the Architect will put the donor in touch with the appropriate person in the Office of Major Events to discuss the wording for memorial bench plaques.  Drafts of the plaque layout are reviewed by the donor, the Office of Major Events and the Office of the Architect.

Bench dedication ceremonies are usually organized by the donor with the assistance of either the Office of Student Affairs, The Alumni Association or, when appropriate, a particular school, college or department of the University.

Donation for a bench is $5,000 which includes a brass plaque and shipping, assembly, installation and maintenance the of the bench.  Often, benches are located on existing pavement, however, if the bench location requires construction of a brick or concrete pad, the donation is $7,500.

Please call the Facilities Management Service Desk (434)-924-1777 with any questions regarding maintenance of a bench after installation.