Sustainability Planning

The Office of the Architect for the University continually seeks to incorporate sustainability into the preservation, planning, and design of the University of Virginia through the University Committee on Sustainability, the Grounds Plan, LEED Certification for all new and renovation projects, preserving our existing building resources and their embodied energy, and incorporating native plants and award-winning storm-water management in the landscape of the Grounds. The Environmental Footprint Reduction Plans, developed by the Office of the Architect, led the Board of Visitors to commit UVA to reduce both carbon and nitrogen footprints to 25% below 2009 levels by 2025. The University of Virginia is the first higher education institution to adopt a nitrogen footprint reduction target and the Office of the Architect is working with UVA researchers to expand this model to other universities, schools, and municipal governments.

The University of Virginia demonstrates its commitment to sustainability through a diverse set of initiatives ranging from energy conservation and recycling measures to interdisciplinary coursework and Academic Institutes. To learn more about on-going initiatives across Grounds, visit Sustainability at UVA.