Arboretum and Landscape Committee Review Procedures

Projects that must be presented to the Committee for approval include master plans and precinct plans, landscape designs, elective tree removals or any work impacting trees, site amenity standards and all building project design guidelines and site plans. Small projects generally not brought to the Committee include picnic tables, newspaper racks, lighting, benches, bollards and signs.

Prior to presenting a project to the Committee for approval, it needs to be reviewed by the Office of the Architect at least two weeks before the presentation.

The Committee holds meetings once per month throughout the year. Agendas are posted online at the beginning of each semester.

Projects are usually reviewed twice, first at the conceptual phase and secondly at the schematic phase. Presentations to the Committee will be made by the designer or the Office of the Architect with assistance of the project manager who will be responsible for introducing the project and answering questions.

Presentations should include:

  •  Context/location map
  • Photographs of existing conditions
  • Proposed plan with topography, plant palette and paving/wall materials
  • Photographs of unusual plant selections/cultivars
  • Any previous presentation materials
  • Any additional sketches or sections that help convey the proposed design 
Please visit the A&L Committee website for the committee charge and membership information.