In honor of Mario di Valmarana

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Tree species:
Acer saccharum 'Celebration'
Common name:
'Celebration' Sugar Maple
East Lawn at Rouss Hall
Date planted:
Mario di Valmarana joined the University of Virginia School of Architecture faculty in 1972 and retired in January, 2000. Valmarana, a native of Venice, started the school's Venice and Vincenza study abroad programs. He generously shared his family home, the Villa Capra-La Rotunda, designed by Palladio and built in 1560, with students over the years. He also enthusiastically shared with them his interest in Palladio and his passion for his native region of Italy, known as the Venato. When Thomas Jefferson designed his treasured Rotunda and the Academical Village, he referred to the tenets of architecture developed by Palladio for proportion and form.

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