In honor of Benjamin Franklin Dewees Runk

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Tree species:
Thuja occidentalis
Common name:
Eastern Arborvitae
Gilmer Hall
Date planted:

On April 13, 1973 Benjamin Franklin Dewees Runk was presented with the Thomas Jefferson Award for his "singular devotion and distinction" in serving the University and its community of students, faculty and alumni. Then University President Edgar F. Shannon Jr., who named Runk as recipient of the award, said of Runk in his citation to the University on Founders Day, "he deeply loves the University of Virginia and cares deeply about its members, especially its student members.

He is tireless on their behalf, and ever ready to undertake, and to accomplish, extra tasks far beyond the call of duty. He teaches and inspires us all by the example that he sets."

B.F.D. Runk was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania. He was a student in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Virginia in the mid-twenties and received his Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy from the University. He joined the faculty in 1939 and became Professor of Biology in 1956. During President Colgate Darden's incumbency he served as University Advisor to Students, later becoming Dean of the University. During his time in this position he helped the student government change from a system directed by administrative officers to one primarily of self-government. He held the position of Dean until 1968. In 1973 he held the Samuel Miller Chair of Experimental Agriculture and Forestry, with special responsibility as Coordinator of Farms and Forests for the Blandy Experimental Farm and Seward Forest.

(Edgar F. Shannon Jr., "Citation upon the Presentation of The Thomas Jefferson Award" April 13, 1973.)
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