Officially Designated Tree List

In 1970, the University instituted an annual tradition of planting a tree to honor an individual who has made significant and lasting contributions to the design, planning and maintenance of the Grounds. Planted in a public ceremony presided over by the University President on Founder's Day, the tree is a living memorial celebrating the legacy of an individual in the landscape. The task of selecting the Founder's Day tree honoree, tree species and location is given to the Arboretum and Landscape Committee, who forwards this recommendation to the President's Office.

Following is a list of officially designated memorial trees:
James Monroe    Juglans nigra- Black Walnut
Edwin A. Alderman   Quercus palustris- Pin Oak
William H. McGuffey  Fraxinus americana biltmoreana- Biltmore Ash
William Abbott Pratt   Ginkgo biloba- Maidenhair Tree
William Abbott Pratt*   Acer saccharinum- Silver Maple
William Mallet*    Fagus sylvatica purpurea- Purple Beech
George Frederick Holmes   Gymnocladus dioicus-Kentucky Coffee Tree
John Staige Davis I*   Pyrus communis- Common Pear
William Alexander Lambeth  Phellodendron amurense- Amur Corktree
Francis Harris Abbott   Acer saccharum 'Legacy'- Legacy Sugar Maple
Francis Harris Abbott   Fraxinus mmericana- White Ash
Ladley Husted   Metasequoia glyptostroboides- Dawn Redwood
Edwin Morris Betts*   Sciadopitys verticillata- Umbrella Pine
Allan Talbott Gwathmey Fagus sylvatica ' Riversii'- Riversii Copper Beech
Green Peyton*   Pinus griffithii- Himalayan Pine
Benjamin Franklin Dewees Runk  Thuja occidentalis- Eastern Arborvitae
Walter Merritt Seward  Pinus strobus- Eastern White Pine
Walter Merritt Seward  Pinus taeda- Loblolly Pine
Frank Hartman   Acer saccharinum 'Laciniatum'- Laciniatum Cut Leaf Silver Maple
Jesse Wakefield Beams   Zelkova serrata- Village Green Zelkova
Guy Estes    Pinus palustris- Longleaf Pine
W. Ralph Singleton   Picea pungens glauca- Colorado Blue Spruce
Ben Howland    Fraxinus americana - Rosehill Ash
Mrs. Elizabeth Jeffress   Quercus michauxii- Swamp Chestnut Oak
Mr. & Mrs Frank L. Hereford   Fraxinus americana 'Autumn Purple'-Autumn Purple Ash
Dumas Malone    Paulownia tomentosa- Royal Paulownia
Wilson Walker Cowen   Magnolia virginiana- Sweetbay Magnolia
Vincent Shea    Platanus occidentalis- Sycamore
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. O'Neil   Fraxinus americana- White Ash
Werner K. Sensbach   Quercus palustris- Pin Oak
William Odum    Liriodendron tulipifera- Tulip Poplar
Thomas Jefferson    Quercus alba- White Oak, "Jupiter"
Thomas Jefferson    Liriodendron tulipifera- Tulip Poplar, "Juno"
Mrs. Frederic W. Scott   Platanus occidentalis- Sycamore
William D. Middleton   Platanus occidentalis- Sycamore
Edgar Finley Shannon   Fraxinus pennsylvanica- Green Ash
Meade Palmer    Davidia involucrata- Dove Tree
Joseph Bosserman    Quercus phellos- Willow Oak
Harry W. Porter   Fraxinus profunda- Pumpkin Ash
Marion Lee Stuart Cochran   Stewartia monadelpha- Tall Stewartia
Frederick D. Nichols   Acer saccharum 'Majesty'- Majesty Sugar Maple
Alden Hopkins    Cornus florida 'Rubra'- Pink Flowering Dogwood (2)
Larry Steward & Jeffery Ertel   Magnolia grandiflora "Greenback"- Magnolia (2)
Ernest H. Ern   Quercus alba- White Oak
Andrew Ruppel Quercus macrocarpa- Bur Oak
Frank Hill Quercus alba- White Oak
Hovey Dabney Fraxinus americana- White Ash
Murray Howard Fraxinus americana- White Ash
John Blackburn Fraxinus americana 'Autumn Purple'- Autumn Purple White Ash
Mark E. Fletcher Acer saccharum 'Legacy'- 'Legacy' Sugar Maple
Leonard Sandridge Acer saccharum 'Legacy'- 'Legacy' Sugar Maple
Mario di Valmarana Acer saccharum 'Celebration'- 'Celebration' Sugar Maple
John T. Casteen Tilia americana- American Linden

*tree no longer existing
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