In honor of Frank Hill

Frank Hill White Oak

bark leaf

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Tree species:
Quercus Alba
Common name:
White Oak
Corner of McCormick and
Alderman Roads
Date planted:

2006 Founder's Day Tree

Frank Hill

Frank Hill joined the University of Virginia's Facilities Management team in 1977 as a member of the grounds crew. His dedication and his exemplary skill with heavy equipment such as forklifts, backhoes and snow plows earned him a stellar reputation. At his retirement in 2006, he held the position of Highway Equipment Operator in the Landscape Division. Known as the "Snow Czar", Mr. Hill was always the first to arrive and among the last to leave in a winter storm. He also responded to emergencies varying from downed trees to broken water mains. His skills and leadership were tapped to install art exhibits, move delicate physics instruments, and excavate archaeological sites. He played a crucial role in twenty-eight graduations as well as visits by Presidents, dignitaries and Nobel Laureates

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