In honor of Mark E. Fletcher

bark leaves

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Tree species:
Acer saccharum 'Legacy'
Common name:
'Legacy' Sugar Maple
Lower Lawn at Cocke Hall
Date planted:
Mark E. Fletcher built one of the nation's top intramural and recreational sports programs at the University of Virginia. He was the University's Associate Director of Athletics and Executive Director of Intramural/Recreational Sports. At the time of his arrival in 1985, UVA had only two indoor recreational facilities. Today, thanks largely to Mark, there are four major indoor centers and several outdoor facilities. Mark oversaw many athletic and intramural projects, including Harrison Field at Scott Stadium, the 22 acre field complex known as the "Park" in north grounds, construction and expansion of the Aquatic & Fitness Center, Klockner Stadium, the renovation of Carr's Hill Field, Lambeth Field and Madison Bowl into viable outdoor sports fields and the renovation of the Snyder Tennis Center. Mark's commitment to the University went beyond sports, he was a long-standing Chair of the Safety and Security Committee and was instrumental in implementing many safety improvement projects on Grounds. He also served on the Arboretum and Landscape Committee, the Parking and Transportation Committee, Reunions and Graduation Committees and the Facilities Management Advisory Board.

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