In honor of Hovey S. Dabney

Dabney White Ash
bark leaf

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Tree species:
Fraxinus americana
Common name:
White Ash
Lower Lawn
Date planted:

Hovey S. Dabney, a lifelong resident of the City of Charlottesville, received degrees in Political Science and Law (1949) from the University of Virginia.

Prior to receiving his formal education, Dabney served in the United States Air Force during Warld War II and was awarded the Purple Heart.

Dabney began his banking career at the National Bank and Trust Co. of Charlottesville in 1949 and was president of this same bank by 1963. Dabney was an active member of the Charlottesville community and worked with many professional, civic, and service organizations. He sat on Charlottesville’s Electoral Board and School Board, was Chairman of the local Chamber of Congress, and was appointed by the City Council to the executive board of the Jefferson Area Board for Aging. Additionally, Dabney was appointed to the University’s Board of Visitors by former Virginia Governors Wilder and Allen in 1990 and 1994. His tenure as Rector of the University of Virginia lasted from 1992-1998. UVa President John T. Casteen III recognized Dabney as “an energetic and thoughtful rector whose tenure saw progress in the representation and prominence of women and minority leaders both on the Board of Visitors and in the University’s administration.”

(Brian McNeill, Charlottesville Daily Progress, February 7, 2007)


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